Are noodle and 2d dating

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" he asked replacing Murdoc in the space next to Noodle. Yet you are dating something that looks exactly like me?! " he snapped back, clearly getting annoyed with her snappy tone."It doesn't! It has my face, my hair, my skills I am not sure about the voice but it is just a copy of me!!But when the thing looks exactly like me then it DOES matter! If you like the robot then you must like me-...." she stopped her sentence realising what she was saying." She replied in a snappy like tone, still angry at him.2D released his arm from the strong grip the robot Noodle had on him. "The robot looked at the real Noodle, then back up at him tilting her head. She remained silent."Aw luv, I ain't seen yeh in ages and yeh gonna act like this?Murdoc then got up and escorted the robot away, letting the two have a moment alone."Yeh angry wif me? "Her head quickly turned to face him, which startled him, his neck sunk into the collar of his shirt."You have not seen me in ages?!Yeh were no where to be found" he explained taking a seat in the space next to her."So you replaced me? Did you not feel guilty that you had..." She stopped that sentence then realised who it was she was actually talking to and sighed."Nevermind..."Murdoc hesitantly put a hand on her shoulder, not fully knowing what horrors she went through in Hell, and how it affected her, mentally and physically.or that thing you pass off as me" She snapped in reply, refusing to look in his direction, her hugging grip on her legs getting tighter.Murdoc gave a sigh, dragging his hand down his face."Luv, try to look at it in our point of view.

" 2D asked clearly not getting what he is supposed to be looking at."My eye?

...." Was all she could ask herself as she sat on the roof where she had stormed off to after her recent argument with the singer.

She rested her chin on top of her knees, which were covered by her long black and white socks.

Noodle sighed and scratched her face behind the mask, which caught Murdoc's attention."Why yeh wearin' tha' thing anyway Noodle?

"She looked up at him, and noticed he was reffering to the mask that covered her face."Because..face is not nice looking""Don't be stupid luv, yeh've always 'ad a pretty face"Noodle blushed slightly at that comment, and was surprised that it came from him."Now come on, wot yeh hidin' under there?

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