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Skupina raziskovalcev na MIT, ki se ukvarja s programskimi agenti.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009 Research community Europe, working closely in cooperation about agent basics, legal consequents using software agents, theory of artificial intelligent agents, agent communication and multiagent systems, philosophy and visions of a changing agent-based society, agent security and authentication, agents in logistics and transportation, agents in business and e-commerce, and social and ethic aspects of agent technology.

Zadnja aktivnost: 2009 They aim to provide a technical and conceptual foundation for the automation of electronic markets.

The markets studied are on one hand more specialized, e.g., bandwidth for IP telephony, railway transportation, and electric power, on the other hand more general markets for goods, services, and information.

In the first case, supply and demand are for (more or less) standardized commodities, and the main problem is to achieve an efficient allocation under different circumstances while allowing participants to act in their own best interests.

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Skupnost precejšnjega števila tako uporabnikov, kakor chat botov in informacij o izdelavi lastnih chat botov.

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