Blackbery not updating emails

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In my current position I have to support Blackberry users. In order to make your deleted items sync when you delete them from your phone, you need to go into . If the setting is already set at hand held & mailbox, then change it to hand held, save the setting, then change it back and save the setting again.90% of the time, this is what the issue is.

In my opinion, after having to support Palm OS and Windows Mobile, Blackberry has been the most stable. There are a few other reasons, but this is what you should check first.

(This applies only to the Desktop Manager and not the Blackberry Web Desktop Manager.

No VPN connection is needed for the Web Desktop Manager.) Since the default software installation option places a folder, you may wish to remove that shortcut to keep Desktop Manager from trying to launch before you can establish a VPN connection (for instructions, see In Windows, how can I prevent a program from starting automatically? Once you have a VPN connection, you can launch the Black Berry Desktop software from the Note: The Black Berry Enterprise Server (BES) service will be retired by January 1, 2015; see ARCHIVED: About the retired BES (Black Berry Enterprise Server).

I’ve had both services in the past and haven’t really had any complaints about either.

I was looking for a pretty basic plan, nothing too fancy. It’s only been a couple days but I am pretty pleased so far and would recommend my local Verizon store over the local AT&T store.

So, this is saying the there is some sort of syncing, but it’s not fully working both ways.

I’ve done many tests, including following RIM’s Knowledge Base suggestions of KB 10939.

Hey guys, A few of my blackberry users are experiencing issues with there read and unread emails.As of January 1, 2013, no new BES accounts are being created.UITS recommends you replace your Black Berry with a device that is compatible with Active Sync.I’ve gone as far as to wipe the device (aka remove all the data, applications, and OS; and reinstall an official OS and every app from scratch.I’ve even tried exploring deleting/undeleting messages in Outlook. This morning, as I continued to troubleshoot, I stumbled on a tip that suggested I toggle Wireless Reconcile from on/off and then from off/on.

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