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I’ve known people who start to tear up when they get worked up emotionally – because what kind of insensitive bastard keeps going after he’s made his girlfriend cry? ” is only going to leave everyone confused and vaguely hungry.

Part of effective communication in a relationship is learning how to adapt your communication style to your partner’s and how to translate your parnter’s communication style to your own. (Well, assuming you’re not a pair of Dadaists anyway…) But speaking of being misunderstood…

They’re logical and may sometimes be seen as cold by others with a personal communication style.

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This tendency to respond to the assumption versus the reality often goes both ways – especially if the topic is one that you have had a strong negative reaction to in the past.

Comparing your communications style with those of the people you work and interact with is crucial.

If your styles aren’t aligning, even an expertly crafted message could get lost in translation.

You think you’re signaling that you want sex when you start rubbing your girlfriend’s shoulders; meanwhile, your girlfriend thinks that you’re just being nice after a long day at work.

This communication mismatch means that somebody’s going to end up frustrated and annoyed.

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