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The two traditions differed over such issues as how priests and monks should dress and wear their hair, and, most notably, how the date of Easter should be calculated.

Eventually King Oswiu decided that the Roman side should prevail, and the Pope’s authority was gradually established over the Church in the British Isles.

York is not a promising power base from which to take Rome, but Constantine did it and from there he made two significant decisions for the future of the world.

The first was, the Edict of Milan issued in 313 which ended the persecution of Christianity.

Excavations here have revealed much evidence of Anglian life, including large quantities of pottery, household goods and fine metal objects.Whether you’ve been together 10 years or two weeks, Valentine’s Day is a special time for couples.And if you’re single, that’s ok, too, because it’s a day you can celebrate hanging out with friends instead.Wilfrid prevailed by calling on the authority of St Peter.King Oswy of Northumbria folded and Bede reports: “all who were seated there or standing by, both great and small, gave their assent, and renouncing the less perfect custom, hastened to conform to that which they had found to be better.”The Synod of Whitby was not Yorkshire’s first, or even its most significant contribution to the history of Christianity and the celebration of Easter.

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