Dating wing nuts

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KELLOGG, or CHICAGO, i LLINOIS, Ass Ie Noa'ro cnnrnanscanw COMPANY, 01' CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, A CORPORATIONOF ILLINOIS, WING NUT Application filed December 27, 1932. Another object of the invention is to provide a one-piece wing nut having strong and rigid wings bent or folded from sheet metal. 2 is a perspective view of the blank formed in the stamping operation. 3 is a perspective view of one form ofwing nut embodying my invention. The blank is subjected to abending operation in which the wing members 11 bent or.

On game day, according to the National Chicken Council, Americans ate seventy thousand tons of wings.

Some history: Teressa Bellissimo invented the dish at the Anchor Bar, her family’s restaurant in Buffalo, in 1964.

Also, when a wing nut becomes frozen to a screw, the projecting wings invite the application of blows to loosen the nut and often these blows are applied without regard 'to the necessities but with a force depending largely upon the strength and skill of the operator; The solid block body of the Wing nut is strong and substantial, the wings themselves are strong and substantial, and the connection between the body and the wings compares in strength with the body and the wings so that the invention provides a strong, rigid, one-piece wing nut formed from a strip of sheet material having a thick central rib portion b simple operations of stamping and bending or folding. 3 the wings 14 project upwardly from the bottom of the body, their sides are substantially parallel and are connected at 100 their inner edges and spaced apart at their outer edges. 4 the wings 15 project upwardly from the bottom of the body, their sides are substantially parallel and are connected'at their outer edges and spaced apart at their inner edges. While I consider the particular designs of the wing nut as shown in the drawing especially desirable for commercial production the invention does not depend upon these particular designs and the wings and body may be made in other shapes and sizes and arrangements within the scope of my invention.

The wings may be diflerently formed as shown, for examples, in Figs. The invention provides a wing nut of simple and novel construction which can be manufactured at relatively low cost in a few simple operations from a rolled metal strip.

) It seems to be all mortis and tenon except top which seems only to be attached with glue and a couple old nails and the three long bolts ( 15")on each side that go through front to back with wing nut on backside.

The method includes a basic formation directly forging the billet to become a primary body consisting of an intermediate head and two curved wings connected with two ends of the intermediate head respectively, a wing trigging employed for forging the wings of the intermediate head to become butterfly wings with a curved edge and an edge formation effected by forging the intermediate head to form a positioning groove in the center of the top and the bottom side respectively.

27, 1932 Efjfi XENTOR d yk jgza ATTORNEY Patented July 25, 1933 UNITED STATES PATENT o FHc E HARRY r. This invention relates to wing nuts and its object is to provide an integral wing nut of strong and novel construction made bystamping and bending a metal blank to shape 5 and having a solid substantial body which is tapped to receive a screw. is a perspective view of another form of wing nut embodying my invention. 5 is a perspective view of still another form of wing nut embodying my invention. The wing members are connected with the body throughout the length of the inner ends of the wing members and substantially throughout the length of the body whereby a strong 60 connection is provided between the wings and the body which precludes the possibility of bending or breaking the wings in applying the nut to or removing it from a screw, even with the use of tools and under any ordinary requirements.

The body is tapped centrally at 13 to receive a screw.

Through research and knowing my uncle was born 1894, owned cabinet about 1915 when he married.

I hope this helps you, not everyone has history of old pieces as I do.note: uncle replaced wire with glass and used as dish cabinet, the glass is old.

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