Emos roulette chat

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I think some of the pervs are looking for girls to “watch them” and are just clicking the “Report” button when they see yet another dude.” “I fully agree with you their david, ive had the same thing happen to me 3 times already, im fully clothes, not doing anything remotely offensive, all i see is dudes and then block…

its kinda pathetic really.” “The block thing was a good idea, but isn’t working in practice. IP address, MAC address, etc.), but my recommendation would be to have a system more like stackoverflow where you can earn reputation points for not being obscene and then based on your reputation, anyone with less reputation can’t down vote you, or maybe their down vote is worth less than yours, or something.

If you thought Chatroulette was a free-wheeling site where you could just sit around peacefully flashing at strangers – think again.

You think the guys would just F9 and move on, but no, apparently they prefer to block other men – thus reducing the number of other men on the site and by the same reasoning, increasing the proportion of women to men. Here’s the comment: David says: “After getting blocked for the first time today for no real reason (just a clothed guy sitting here doing nothing remotely offensive, certainly don’t look offensive, and not getting to see any connection long enough to be considered “boring”), I discovered this is happening to may others as well.

All you have to do is register, and you can start watching all the Girls and Chat with them, you just have to add your Mail a Username and PW no personal Data at all!

I recorded this Video directly from the Site, register and check it out, its awesome: Chat with real Emo/Scene Girls for Free HERE!

A live streaming website where you connect with completely random strangers with a webcam and microphone.

Every other person you connect to is a horny dude wanking, or if you're a chick, you are asked to see your tits.

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