Kpop scandal dating

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There have been more and more idols finally coming out from their shells and being bold enough to say that they are dating. The agencies statements revealed that two broke up yadda yadda yadda but later that month, Jun Hara told the public that they have never broken up.

Which is a little bit weird because before an idol would NEVER admit to dating their rumored partner despite the actual facts surrounding them are true. We’re tired covering up for them because you can’t handle the truth.” or you know, something subtle but kinda like that. There came a time that CUBE Ent just decided to leave them be but DSP Entertainment still tried their best to deny the Jun Hara being a couple. It was Jun Hara versus their agencies versus their fans.

Their agencies will make sure that every cover story of the rumor will be deleted and what’s more, defended. I do give props to the couple since at a very young age and considering they’re both popular at their eras, they manage to handle the fan chaos and fan wars.

And you know what they say, love keeps us stronger so why not?

I have no idea what went down in their meetings when the pictures were out but if I know SM Entertainment (and I think I kinda do) it’s definitely FISHY how they actually agreed to one of their idols dating. What I do not get though is the hate towards the ulzzang girl that L is “dating”. How is tweeting negative tweets to this girl any helpful. After which she deleted the said photo and apologized to the public… It’s not like when you go shopping with a guy, it automatically means you two are dating— irregardless them being idols or not.

Later in the same year, one of the biggest dating rumor surfaced when L of Infinite posted a peculiar tweet on twitter. I’m sorry but it just baffles me how some fans are so twisted and demented. There is no principle in life that says when a guy and a girl is seen together enjoying the day with normal clothes it means that they’re dating.

One of the biggest surprises in the history of idol’s dating is when Jonghyun of SHINee was caught dating Shin Sekyung.

The moment I saw the news about this, I could not even believe it my eyes.

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