Updating a pdf file

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Once the new content is added they go to save the document and then receive the following error: “ In order to save the file the user has to use the save as function and then browse to the original file location to save the document with the changes that have been made.

Along with the above error we have noticed that Adobe Acrobat is renaming the file that has been changed to aae##### or aak##### or aan#####.

I am using cloudflare service on my website which I suppose stores documents in cache but it has now been 2 weeks and it continues to show the old document. Is there any workaround for this problem rather than changing the name of the file. It is not just the case with my browser, I have tried to access it from many other computers and the result is still the same.

The issue is when they have the PDF document opened and they are adding new content.In Share Point 2013, extracting metadata of Microsoft Office documents is fairly straightforward.But the metadata of a PDF file is not extracted automatically.I have updated a PDF file on my webserver via ftp several times but it is not updating to the latest version.Whenever I go to my website and open the document, it still shows the old document.

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