Who is norris cole dating

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The contract reportedly does include an NBA out clause, so if the opportunity arrises, Cole will be able to make his way stateside prior to the conclusion of the CBA season (February). Wolfson reports that Cole's new agent called the Timberwolves this week, but there isn't a deal imminent.

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Cole is currently playing overseas in the CBA, although his contract does have an NBA out clause, so Memphis could certainly bring him over to help fill the void left by Mike Conley (back fracture).Cole then came inbounds himself and rather than proceed upcourt, he inexplicably told Whiteside to go out of bounds and inbound the ball to him again.Once Whiteside followed those orders, Cole flipped him the ball, which caused a turnover because Whiteside touched the ball while out of bounds.This became clear on Sunday as soon as the Pelicans reached an agreement to re-sign Tim Frazier.There are still several teams around the league in need of a backup PG, so Cole shouldn't have any problem landing a contract.

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